Multimedia collage

  • Healing Crystals

    Crystals are made up of minerals and compounds that hold energy. When we work with or handle those minerals it is believed that our bodies can transfer those physical energy properties. Many crystals, like Clear quartz, are used in everyday objects such as watches and plugs to balance out electricity. Working with the body's electromagnetic system crystals, like clear quartz, can be used to balance that energy in our bodies.

  • Meditation & Yoga

    For centuries people have used meditation and yoga to promote physical and mental well-being. Yoga can help ease the pain of chronic conditions such as headaches and back pain, and also help increase energy levels. Meditation has numerous benefits including reducing anxiety and stress and improving the quality of your sleep. Shop our yoga and meditation collection here.

  • Ritual Baths

    Across the globe, many cultures have relied on the healing properties of water. From Ancient Greece, where baths became ritualized with cleansing sands and aromatic oils, to modern day-spas where baths are booked months in advance, ritual baths are used as a spiritual cleansing and awakening. Used as a way to channel creativity, bring healing, or set intention Ritual Baths can be as simple or elabrate as you make them.