About Us

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To encourage everyone to open their mind and spirit to alternative healing, self-care, and the existence of our metaphysical world.

Opening Spirit is grounded in the belief that modern science should not be the yardstick for measuring all truth and reality. As the founder of Opening Spirit, the idea of the metaphysical world started small and innocuous. Peppermint oil helped end an upset stomach — that's it — seems silly that something so small could have started a journey into a community full of people who have opened their minds and spirits to include truths that so many disbelieve. 


How can something so small have turned around a lifetime of believing only what we can see and hear? The peppermint oil lead to a small door opening and the freedom to question other remedies. Would smudging help cleanse the negative energy in my home after a break-in? Yes, it did. Will slipping a black tourmaline under my daughter's pillow help calm her nervousness? Absolutely. 


Opening my mind truly changed my life, and it's my hope that I can guide everyone to start questioning the modern-day definition of reality.